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January 2021

Journal of the Arts Therapies

Since 2019 the Wissenschaftliche Fachgesellschaft für Künstlerische Therapien (WFKT – Scientific Association of the Creative Arts Therapies) publishes the scientific Journal of the Arts Therapies. All contributions and articles are peer-reviewed prior to publication.

All published volumes are open-access and therefore free for everybody.

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January 2021

Free Membership to the DGFT e.V. for students

As part of the close partnership in between the DGfT and the Nürtingen-Geislingen University, the DGfT now offers all students of drama therapy a free membership for the duration of their studies.

In an open letter to the students, the board of the DGfT said: „We are excited to grow and move drama therapy forward together.“

More Information (as a pdf – German)

December 2020

EFD Conference 2021: Call for Workshops and Lectures

In preparation of their conference in May 2021, the European Federation of Dramatherapy is currently looking for proposals for workshops or lectures to be held at the conference in Prague. The deadline for submissions: 8th January 2021.

The theme of the conference will be: “Who is Godot?”

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December 2020

Job Opening for dramatherapists at the Martin Gropus Krankenhaus GmbH

The Martin Gropius Krankenhaus GmbH is currently looking to fill two positions. Dramatherapists and/or creative arts therapists are explicitly encouraged to apply! 

Position at the day-unit in Prenzlau (pdf | in German)

Position at the psychiatry in Eberswalde (pdf | in German)

December 2020

New academic college program in drama therapy at the MSH Medical School Hamburg GmbH // Candidates to fill professorship needed

In the fall of 2021 the private MSH Medical School Hamburg GmbH is starting a new academic program in drama therapy (B.A.). This program, along with the already well-established program at the Nürtingen-Geislingen University, will be only the second academic program in drama therapy in Germany.

Therefore, the MSH Medical School is currently looking for candidates to fill a professorship for dramatherapy. The application window will be open until February 3, 2021.

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November 2020

Revision of guidelines of practice


The BAG KT is currently looking for experienced and dedicated colleagues in the creative arts therapies to participate in revisions of multiple guidelines of practice.

More Information (pdf)

November 2020

Symposium on advocacy for the creative arts therapies

In the end of September, experts in the field of the creative arts therapies came together in Witten to discuss the state and future of the field. Among the participants were members of the advocacy group BAG KT, heads and professors of the academic creative arts therapy programs as well as heads of the multiple creative arts therapy institutes. Participants were either present in-person or via an online meeting platform. Topics of discussion were among others the current political and regulatroy landscape of the creative arts therapies. The particpants agreed on a timetable for further advocacy work in the field.

A detailled report of the meeting (in German) can be found on the website of the BAG KT.

Report (off-site)

October 2020

Virtual Member’s Meeting 2020

For the very first time in its existence, the DGfT held an all-virtual member’s meeting. This years meeting took place on July 3rd 0f 2020. Among others, topics of discussion were the activies of the DGfT, the ITT as well as relevant of partners such as the BAG KT.

The minutes of the meeting (in German) are now available for download now.

Download (pdf)


October 2020

First Global Forum (#dtweek2020)

As part of the international Drama Therapy Week 2020, the World Alliance of Dramatherapy is hosting its first virtual global forum for drama therapists and students. The virtual forum will be held via the online platform Zoom. You will hear from representatives from professional drama therapy associations around the world and meet with others in your global community. This first forum will take place on October 22, 2020 from 3 to 4 pm (German Time)

Anmeldung (off-site)

September 2020

Jop Opening Drama Therapist (Berlin)

The Martin Gropius Krankenhaus GmbH is currently looking for a temporary part-time dance/movement or dramatherapist. You may still apply until Sept 26 2020.

Job Description (off-site, pdf)

September 2020

Umfrage der World Alliance of Dramatherapy

The World Alliance of Dramatherarapy invites members of the DGfT to participate in a brief survey on the state of the arts in the field of drama therapy. The study was developed by Dr. Nisha Sajnani and approved by the Institutional Review Board of the New York University.

To the Survey (off-site)

Thank you for your participation.

July 2020

Standards of Registration 2020

At the annual member’s meeting the registration committee of the DGfT (Gabriele Pekusa, Daniela Debald und Cathrin Clift) proposed new standards of registration which will go into effect in September 2020. Until then, the committee is open to changes to the standards and welcomes your feedback! You can already preview the new set of rules right here on our website.

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July 2020

Current Developments in our advocacy work

Tanja Coppola and Johannes Junker, who represent the DGfT in the joint committee of the creative arts therapies (BAG KT), summarized the latest developments in their advocacy work on behalf of the members of the DGfT in a brief powerpoint presentation.


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May 2020

Cancellation of the Sommerakademie 2020

Due to the current situation the DGfT and the ITT decided to postpone the annual Sommerakademie until next year. Although this is sad news, we are already looking forward to June 2021. The same program and guests that were scheduled for this year, will be scheduled for next years conference as well.


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