Quality Assurance

In 2012 the DGfT introduced standards of registration to ensure a quality of care by its members. Ever since then, the DGfT credentials qualified drama therapists with the title:

Theatertherapeut*In DGfT | Drama Therapist DGfT

Taken into account, that there is no legislative ground for drama therapy in Germany to date, it is the responsibility of the DGfT to set educational and professional standards for drama therapy to ensure a quality of care. The credentials awarded by the DGfT therefore guarantee professionalism and quality care as well as a commitment to the DGfT code of ethics, continuing education and constant professional supervision.

The complete certification requirements can be found in the standards of registration.


Currently, education in drama therapy in Germany is offered either as an advanced training course, facilitated by the Institut für Theatertherapie (ITT), or as an undergraduate degree at the Nürtingen-Geislingen University. Minimal education requirements to receive credentialing by the DGfT include:

  • Education (in Drama Therapy) of three years or more, including 1100 teaching units or more.

Applicants graduating from a foreign or alternative training program are being evaluated by the same standards of registration set forth by the DGfT, to ensure an equivalence in substance, form and duration of education.

More Information on education in drama therapy can be found here.

Code of Ethics

Drama therapist, credentialed by the DGfT, are committed to adhere to the code of ethics of the DGfT in their role of Therapist, Counselor, Advocate and Scholar. The code of ethics ensures:

  • a standard of professional competence and quality of care
  • guidance for professional conduct
  • a safe and protected environment for clients, supervisees or trainees
  • a basis on which to arbitrate conflicts and complaints

The complete code of ethics can be found here.


Credentialed drama therpist are required to attend regular supervision by a licensed and knowledgeable supervisor. Supervision provides a space to reflect on one’s own conduct and therefore ensures professional competence and safety for our clients.

A list of licensed supervisors can be found here.

Continuing Education

Because drama therapy is still a young, but quickly developing field, professional development and continuing education is vital to ensure professional competence. In cooperation with the Institut für Theatertherapie (ITT), the DGfT continuously offers a broad range of professional development opportunities for its members.

More information on professional development offered by the ITT can be found here.