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September 2021

In preparation of this year’s elections, the BAG KT interviewed the three major German parties on their plans for the future and development of the creative arts therapies.

The results are now published as a comprehensive document, which not only presents the parties‘ answers but only analyses their content with a creative-arts-therapy-perspective. The document is aimed to support you in your voting decision.

More Information (in German)


April 2021

The hospital „Waldschlößchen“ in Dresden is currently looking to hire a new dramatherapist. The job would be part-time and includes individual as well as group therapy settings.

Applications can be addressed to Mrs. Eichelmann from the human resources department at the clinic.

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April 2021

The children- and youth psychiatry in Neubrandenburg is currently looking to fill a position in Dramatherapy. The position is permanent and consists of 16 hours a week.

Applications can be addressed to the head of the clinic Mrs. Dr. med. Sylke Ilg

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May 2021

Representatives of the Green Party in the German parliament have put in an official request concerning the current state and future opportunities for the creative arts therapies with the German government.

Although the request is primarily concerned with art and music therapy, the DGfT through their advocacy expert Johannes Junker is currently seeking to establish how dramatherapy can also benefit from this development. Further information will be posted on our website. Stay tuned!

More information (in German) | Full request (in German)

May 2021

The Nürtingen-Geislingen University is currently seeking to fill a professorship within their dramatherapy program. International applicants, who are willing to move the the center of their life near the university are explicitly encouraged to apply!

Applications are possible until June 6th, 2021.

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April 2021

The communal health clinic in Herdecke is currently looking to hire a drama therapist in part-time for their new psychiatric ward. Anyone with a degree or training in drama therapy is able to apply! 

Job Description (in German)

April 2021

Who is Godot? The program under that title for the 5th European Federation of Dramatherapy Conference is now officially set. The 2 day event will offer an interactive space for workshops, papers, discussions and play, with interesting ideas and presenters in an all-virtual environment.

You can now officially register for the conference on their Eventbrite-Page. Tickets are 60€, plus a 5€ Fee for the ticketing platform.

More Information on the EFD Website | Registration

March 2021

The International Summer School, which had to be postponed last year is now open for registration. Trainees, Students, Practitioners of Dramatherapy are invited to join at this years summers school from June 16th to 20th. 

Registration can be accessed through the website of the ITT. Due to pandemic concerns, only a limited number of places is available. Therefore it is recommended to register as soon as possible!

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What impact and influence does spirituality have in the creative arts therapies? Researches at the Universities Witten-Herdecke, Dresden and Nürtingen-Geislingen are trying to determine this question in their current research project. 

Students, Teachers and Practitioners in the Arts Therapies are asked to fill out a research survey on this topic. The survey consists of 20 questions and takes roughly 20 minutes to complete. A survey in English is available!  Thank you for your participation!

More Information | Survey

The German dramatherapist Ulrike von Schwenitz along with the artist Clara Lila Bauer has published the picture-book Königin Corona von Amalthea und der kleine Junge Kunibert. This fairy tale, a hero’s journey is written for all ages but is especially suited to be used for re-enactments in dramatherapy sessions with children. In the book, young Kunibert, in the face of the pandemic, has to face his fears, show courage and needs all the help from his friends.

The book is out now and can be ordered directly from the publisher. It is available as hardcover and as an e-Book and is written in German.

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Aylien Yanik from the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem & Nijmegen is currently conducting research on dramatherapy, empathy and depression. For her interviews, she is still looking for participants willing to talk to her on their experience on these topics.


The Theatre Lab of the Drama Therapy Programme at the New York University is hosting a virtual lecture series based around the theme of „How Does Drama Therapy Facilitate Change?“.

The lectures are presented by a broad range of professional drama therapists, researchers as well as students. They are scheduled for different days in February and are open to all! Students are registering for free, while everybody else needs to only pay once $40 to access all lectures.

Part of the lecture series are five new films documenting drama therapy practice, which can already be streamed online.


Since 2019 the Wissenschaftliche Fachgesellschaft für Künstlerische Therapien (WFKT – Scientific Association of the Creative Arts Therapies) publishes the scientific Journal of the Arts Therapies. All contributions and articles are peer-reviewed prior to publication.

All published volumes are open-access and therefore free for everybody.


As part of the close partnership in between the DGfT and the Nürtingen-Geislingen University, the DGfT now offers all students of drama therapy a free membership for the duration of their studies.

In an open letter to the students, the board of the DGfT said: „We are excited to grow and move drama therapy forward together.“