Board Members

Cathrin Clift

Responsibilities: Point of contact for member request’s as well as requests from outside, Networking opportunities and communication between registered dramatherapists, Registration Coordination.

Dramatherapist with a systemic-oriented approach, certified psychologist, communications and behavioral coach, independent coach, supervisor and lecture in the fields of crisis intervention, pastoral care, trauma therapy and prevention since 2006.

  • cathrin.clift(at)

Henk Goebel

Responsibilities: Organisation of annual member’s meeting and international summer school, public relations, member’s newsletter, finances, website.

Trauma-centered counselour (DeGPT/BAG-TP), dramatherapist i.A. (DGfT), social worker in matters of sexual violence, immigration and child protection, lecturer at the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, co-founder of the Berlin playback ensemble „Die Spiegelneuronen“.

  • henk.goebel(at)

Rhada Hammoudah

Actress, theater therapist, communication and behavioral trainer, psychotherapist according to the Heilpraktikergesetz. Since 2014, independent trainer and speaker in the areas of resilience, rhetoric, team building, conflict management and diversity management. Dramatherapeutic work with adults and young people.

  • rhada.hammoudah (at)

Christine Schur

Drama therapist, DGfT e.V. reg. in psychosomatic clinic in the southern Black Forest, drama therapy/coaching/team-supervision in own practice. Nature therapy, systemic counseling and constellation work, trauma, lecturer e.g. for resilience, coping strategies. Assistant in further education in Berlin.

  • christine.schur (at)