Board Members

Franca Lena Casabonne

Responsibilities: Communication with the BAG KT and WFKT, Coordination in between DGfT and ITT, Website and member’s online forum, Member Newsletter

State-approved actress, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, dramatherapist DGfT reg., lecturer at the ITT and board member of the DGfT since 2018.

  • franca.casabonne(at)

Cathrin Clift

Responsibilities: Point of contact for member request’s as well as requests from outside, Networking opportunities and communication between registered dramatherapists, Registration Coordination.

Dramatherapist with a systemic-oriented approach, certified psychologist, communications and behavioral coach, independent coach, supervisor and lecture in the fields of crisis intervention, pastoral care, trauma therapy and prevention since 2006.

  • cathrin.clift(at)

Henk Goebel

Responsibilities: Organisation of annual member’s meeting and international summer school, public relations, member’s newsletter, finances, website.

Trauma-centered counselour (DeGPT/BAG-TP), dramatherapist i.A. (DGfT), social worker in matters of sexual violence, immigration and child protection, lecturer at the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, co-founder of the Berlin playback ensemble „Die Spiegelneuronen“.

  • henk.goebel(at)