Continuing Education

The Institut für Theatertherapie (ITT) is the institute for training, professional development and research in dramatherapy of the German Association of Dramatherapy.

Further information on training courses, workshop offers and research by the ITT can be found on their independent website

Academic Course of Study

Since 2015 the Nürtingen-Geislingen University (NGU) offers the first of its kind academic program in dramatherapy in the German-speaking area.

Further information on the program as well as application requirements and deadlines can be found on the Website of the Nürtingen-Geislinge University

Starting in October 2023, there will be a new bachelor’s degree program in drama therapy at MSH Medical School Hamburg. The program, led by Prof. Simone Klees, is affiliated with the Department of Artistic Therapies. More info about the study program:

Scientific Journal

The Wissenschaftlichen Fachgesellschaft für Künstlerische Therapien (WFKT) annually publishes the peer-reviewed, open-access Journal of the Arts Therapies.

Contributions to the Journal are from all fields of the Creative Arts Therapies, including dramatherapy and are free for all to use. More Information as well as access to the Journal can be found here.