Advocacy Work

As the professional body for dramatherapy in Germany, the DGfT is the main advocacy group for dramatherapists in Germany, representing its members in multiple committees, dedicated to advance the professional field of dramatherapy. The stated overall goal is to define the field of drama- and other creative arts therapies, to advance dramatherapy into new and untried settings and additionally create a broad legislative foundation for the field of the creative arts therapies.

In order to push these goals forward, the DGfT cooperates with the associations of other creative arts therapies in Germany.Together they form the WFKT, which focuses its effort primarily on research in the creative arts therapies, and the BAG KT, a joined advocacy group for the creative arts therapies.

Scientific Association for the
creative arts therapies

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Federal Joint Committee
Creative Arts Therapies

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If you want to support our advocacy work on behalf of the drama- and creative arts therapists in Germany, we encourage you to become a member of the DGfT. Further information as well as the sign-up form can be found here.