The DGfT works in close partnership with multiple organizations, colleges and professional associations. These co-operations on a professional, scientific and advocacy level are a vital part of the work of the DGfT.

Professional Associations

European Federation of Dramatherapy

World Alliance of Dramatherapy

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Künstlerische Therapien

Wissenschaftliche Fachgesellschaft

Internationally, the DGfT is integrated into the European Federation of Dramatherapy (EFD) as well as the World Alliance of Dramatherapy. Within Germany, the DGfT cooperates in close partnership with the professional bodies of the other creative arts therapies (music, art, dance/movement) to form the BAG KT as well as the WFKT.

Educational Institutions

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt

Katholische Hochschule

Katholische Hochschule für
Sozialwesen Berlin

Through the Institut für Theatertherapie and in cooperation with colleges in Berlin, Freiburg and Nürtingen, the DGfT offers three year training courses as well as professional development in Dramatherapy. Additionally, the Nürtingen Geislingen University offers a four-year undergraduate program in dramatherapy.

Further information on education in drama therapy can be found here.

For our members

DGfT Pension Plan

On the behalf of our members, the DGfT cooperates with the insurance company Continentale to give our members access to an exclusive, beneficial personal pension plan.

More Information

Arche Medica Akademie

To further benefit our members, the DGfT cooperates with the Arche Medica Akademie. When applying for courses or testing within the Arche Medica Program, members of the DGfT will not have to pay any administrative fees.

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